Think you know fairies? Then think again!

The Flower Fairies of childhood, have grown up into delightful wild and wicked Wanton Fairies! Here you will find Catherine’s collection of over 30 fabulous, natural, fun-loving beauties as they lounge amongst abundant blooms, fruits and foliage, in all shapes, sizes, ages and temperaments. There is a fairy here for everyone!

So why not take a peak. Kick off your shoes, pour yourself a cup of tea, (or glass of wine), leave all your troubles behind and join Elderberry, Rose, lavender, Basil and the rest of the whole glorious bunch, in their garden of unearthly delights. You’ll be sure of a warm welcome and will never see the great outdoors in the same way again.

Prepare to liberate your inner fairy!

Customer Reviews

"A brilliant, lighthearted bit of fun! What a tonic!"

"This is exactly what this country needs to get it back on its feet."

"From the handsome Basil to the voluptuous Holly, each have their own charm!"